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Reference Wage For Part time/Casual

Please bear in mind that this post is for reference only. The information provided may be outdated but we will try our best to keep it update, thanks for your understanding.

F&B Industry:

Casual waiters/waitress for hotels

Banquet staffs: $60/hr to $65/hr low season. $65+/hr. for (high season). Sometimes may go to $100/hr. for special occasions (e..g New years’ Eve, Christmas Eve etc.)

Note: High seasons: usually September – February next year. Low seasons: other months.

Other outlets e.g. coffee shops, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian restaurants, bars etc, $60 – $70/hr. depends on demands. Some bars may offer $70/hr. if you can speak both Chinese and English.

High Class Restaurants:/Club House

$55-$70/hr. depends on demand and language abilities.

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